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As a fully licensed, bonded and insured company, and with over 30 years of experience in the private security sector, we are committed to providing innovative and street smart solutions of securing our customers' assets, property, people and brand - our goal is to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied and that they are receiving a full return of their investment. We will evaluate security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and develop methods that are both efficient and economical to mitigate or eliminate them. Our proactive security approach can reduce crime and loss thus increase profitability and it shows to others that you take your security seriously. No customer is too large or too small. We’re with you every step of the way.

In addition, PN Security supervisors will respond to all emergencies in a timely manner. Supervisors will assist with developing and implementing security policies and procedures to reduce risks, limit exposure and liability in all areas of financial, physical, personal, and reputational risk. We strive for achieving 3Ts – transparency, trust and time. Trust is the end result of being transparent and giving time to our clients. All of our security personnel are well trained, licensed, background checked and drug tested.

PN Security Founder

Protect Yourself By Asking Questions Before You Hire Security

  • Is the security company and their guards properly licensed, fully insured, bonded and qualified to serve you?
  • Is the security company taking the excess weight off your shoulders, so you can focus on growing your business and doing the things you love?

Many questions - One answer... Premier Nationwide Security Services Inc.

What to expect from our trained security professionals

PN security officer’s duties are not just limited to “observe and report”. Our people make the difference by being helpful and by going the extra mile. As a customer, you can expect the following from our security officers.

  • Exemplary Conduct: It is essential that every security officer exhibit exemplary conduct at all times. Maturity and professionalism are the key words to guide all officers.
  • Courtesy: Security Officer will extend the maximum level of courtesy to customer personnel and the public.
  • Proper Image: Being aware and alert at all times.
  • Proper Appearance: Security Officers must wear the appropriate uniform properly while on customer property (The customer may choose from our uniform selection that would suit their requirements).
  • Proper Attitude: Our Security Officers must present a positive, professional attitude in dealing with customer and the public. A friendly and helpful disposition is essential.
  • Self-Discipline: With the position of trust comes the responsibility to diligently protect life and property. Self discipline means trying harder and caring more.

We can help you

We provide personalized service

At PN security, our company is crafted around one important principle: To provide you with the personalized service, safe environment and complete accountability to become your full security service partner. Every manager, every supervisor, every security officer is a “professional” who understands that attention to stringent processes and details is what sets us apart from the rest. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with a higher level of service combined with a measurable savings to your bottom line. Over the years, our privately held, professionally-managed company has evolved to stay on the leading edge of security service provider. But we never forget that the key element to success is people with the experience and commitment to make the technologies, policies and procedures work. Any security company can meet your expectations. We won’t quit until we exceed them.

Developing Customer Solutions

We believe that ensuring the smoothest start-up begins with listening to our customers. Through solid verbal communication, facility visits and incisive question-and answer correspondence, we begin to think and act like an extension of your company. We then assemble a team to implement the transition over to PN security. Our Transition Management Team, composed of several disciplines including customer service, identifies assets, defines threats, determines weaknesses and vulnerabilities, establishes risks, recommends countermeasures and more. Together, we collaboratively design a plan to address the start-up and anticipate any challenges that may occur.

Measuring Our Successes

Over the years, PN security has delivered the highest quality security service to some of the nation’s leading companies and individuals. We conduct scheduled customer reviews that reveal what’s working…and what, if anything, is lacking. By being proactive in recognizing potential challenges, we ensure the success of our customer.

Training To Our Customers Needs

At PN security, we never rest on our laurels: We’re constantly evolving. Recently we developed standardized training processes for 5 locations according to the specifications set forth in the contract with a leading customer. We worked with the client to develop the standard operating procedures (SOP), created site specific post instructions and then trained our security personnel to adhere specifically to it. In short, we are adaptable and flexible and ready to do what it takes to be an integral part of your team.

Transition period

When you partner with us, we will take care of your security while you focus on growing your business and doing the things you love.
Customized & Comprehensive Security Programs

  • All customer engagements begin with a comprehensive assessment of risks, threats and goals of security together with an examination of prior or current security threats or incidents to determine vulnerabilities.
  • This assessment is followed by the preparation of operational security staffing requirements and the development and implementation of a recruiting, screening, training and transition plan for seamless conversion.
  • Each customer receives a customized operational procedure manual with detailed post orders for assigned post specific tasks and responsibilities.
  • Security officer services can be seamlessly integrated with other solutions from our comprehensive portfolio of services.
  • PN security develops a partnership with each client to assure the highest level of performance and the most cost-effective use of its capabilities and services.
  • PN security officer programs are monitored and evaluated against customer needs and requirements, as well as our own high standards of security.
  • Our team of field supervisors and account managers consists of experienced security professionals who conduct continuous unannounced post inspections on a 24/7 basis and are highly responsive in order to immediately resolve all issues.
  • PN security conducts quarterly and annual performance reviews with senior customer management to ensure quality assurance.
  • Our entire upper management team is accessible to our customer on a 24-hour basis. The above procedure will ensure a transition plan for seamless and flawless conversion.