We Take Extra Measures To Ensure The Safety of Our VIP And Executive In California

Premier Nationwide Security offers a full range of discreet, personal, and professional services, designed to minimize risks or incidents, and optimize protection and mobility. Our professionals are trained and highly skilled in the areas of threat assessment, logistics planning, crisis management, and emergency response. Your safety, privacy, and security are of maximum importance.

Also, discretion, confidentiality, and sensitivity are the hallmarks of our company’s approach to personal protection.

Our Customized, Comprehensive Programs

  • A full assessment of the customer’s threats and vulnerabilities
  • A customized executive protection plan to establish an optimal level of security for the individual at home, work, or while on the road
  • Protective services for the customer’s residence, executive suite, and office

Travel Advance Planning

  • All logistics or operations will be coordinated from our operations center in Southern California.
  • We will coordinate with local law enforcement, security, and emergency services.
  • We will gather intelligence and information regarding the event, participants, risks, and the like.
  • We offer walk-throughs and site set-ups with local counterparts.
  • We organize planned interaction with media and the public for photo ops and presentations, among other resources.
  • We have a network of local and in-country law enforcement and private security agencies.

Would you like to know more about our VIP & Executive Protection services in California? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us via phone call or an online message.