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We ensure the safety of event-goers and guarantee smooth activities.
an event with a security

Any event needs a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment. This is why our security experts who specialize in special events management use a flexible deployment and supervision approach when it comes to various and diverse types of events. From comprehensive planning and preparation to innovative crowd flow modeling — we utilize reliable risk assessment techniques to maintain safety as well as cost-effectiveness.

At Premier Nationwide Security Services, we are experienced and well-trained, partnered with state-of-the-art technology and top-notch security practices. We give utmost value to customer service, risk management, and crowd control as we work in close cooperation with the host, promoters, and organizers of an event. We work to the best of our abilities to ensure the safety of wedding, seminars, conferences, film premieres, celebrity appearances, art gallery openings, fundraising dinners, and other types of special events.

Our event planning and preparation will cover the following:
  • Briefing and debriefing
  • Survey venue
  • Event timeline
  • Event security plan addressing all contingencies
  • VIP guests
  • Guests
  • Other special needs guests
  • Vendors
  • Staff members
  • Wait staff
  • Media
  • Vehicle/pedestrian access/passes/tickets
  • Metal detectors
  • Law enforcement liaison
  • First aid
  • Lost and found
Our event security officers are able to:
  • Strictly maintain uniform, appearance and helpful disposition.
  • Work various shifts requiring standing for long hours.
  • Politely and courteously meet and greet everyone.
  • Properly screen patrons during ingress through the use of metal arches, bag searches, and hand wands.
  • Conduct potential crowd control issues, discovering problems before they occur.
  • Command presence or leadership skills.
  • Regulate and control access points to sensitive areas.
  • Verify that all apparent client property being removed from premises has been authorized for removal.
  • Quickly respond to any potential crowd control issues, break up fights, and provide escorts of unruly fans when
  • ejections are warranted.
  • Deal with hostile, intoxicated patrons in the safest way possible to de-escalate situations.
  • Write accurate detailed reports, which could later be used for criminal/civil litigation proceedings.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment & must be professional in their dealings with the well-paying patrons.
  • Conduct crowd control for protesters and gate crashers.
  • Conduct emergency response, evacuations, and/or notification.

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