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Complete Solutions for Your Industry Specific Needs

Our dedicated team of professionals is made up of subject matter experts that can provide you with years of experience and expertise across a wide range of industries. We listen to understand your concerns, objectives, and challenges and create an effective security program with industry-specific solutions. Our security personnel make a difference by helping people live and work in safe and secure environments. Our top priority is for your place of business to operate efficiently and without harm or interruption. Please contact us anytime to discuss custom solutions for your organization’s security needs.

Fire Watch Security Services

We are the leading provider of customized security solutions for Fire Watch services all over California. We understand the problems and challenges our customers, property owners/managers and tenants face. We know that no two Fire Watch needs are exactly the same. So first, we identify threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, and then we create or modify our processes, procedures, tactics and best practices to minimize or eliminate them. Thus, our hard work and dedication give our customers peace of mind and the freedom to focus on their core business.

We have specially trained and experienced personnel who can provide you with fire watch services. If you are planning to install a fire protection system on your property or if your fire alarm system is not operating normally due to malfunction, they can respond immediately to a request for a fire watch and can be deployed with minimal notice. Our fire watch security officers remain on site until your fire detection system is fully functional and has been inspected and approved by the fire marshal. You can rest assured that they can perform these duties 24/7.

Our officers are trained in evacuation techniques, fire extinguisher use, first aid, CPR, and AED use. They can prepare and provide proper fire watch reports and give you and the fire department timely notifications as needed. Our comprehensive fire watch solutions can address most of your fire watch concerns.

Our patrol guards are well-trained to perform the following but are limited to:

  • Have a suitable means of communication (cell phone, portable radio, etc.)
  • Provide tailored security solutions with proven best security practices.
  • Create site-specific instructions and standard operating procedures.
  • Have a portable air horn or other approved means of sounding an alarm.
  • Provide a flashlight, clipboard, and pen.
  • Possess a copy of fire watch duties.
  • Have a copy of the Fire Watch Log Sheet.
  • Take charge of keys and/or access codes to provide entry to all rooms/spaces.
  • Conduct emergency response, evacuations, and/or notifications.
  • Prepare a detailed daily activity log in addition to safety and incident reports.

Contact us today to see how our security solutions can help your specific security needs at 888-251-6607.

Industry Expertise

We work in a variety of industries. We’d like to understand your goals, objectives, and challenges so we can provide you with tailored, industry-specific solutions. Below are some of the ones we specialize in:

Entertainment Industry

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Corporate Security

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Government Institutions

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Financial Institutions

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Special Events

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Cannabis Security

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Retail / Loss Prevention

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Fire Watch

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Executive Protection

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Our Hassle-Free Process

We strive to solve customers' problems through unique and innovative products and services. Our Security Officers are thoroughly screened, highly trained, and strictly supervised. You make the call, and we simply will handle the rest.

  • Complimentary Professional Consultation
  • Comprehensive Threat Assessment
  • Competitive Quote & Proposal
  • Customized Security Solutions
  • Agreement Signed
  • Draft Post Orders & SOPs as Needed
  • Security Guards Selected and Trained
  • Professional Guards Deployed Within Hours
  • 24-Hour Supervision & Dispatch Center
  • Timely Emergency Notification

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For any inquiries, you can send us a message using the online form or for immediate response, call us now at 1-888-251-6607.

We support our U.S. Veterans.

Welcoming them onto our security team is just one way we show it. 

What to Expect from Our Trained Security Professionals?

Our staff is distinguished by their commitment to go the extra mile. As our customer, you can expect the following from our security officers:

  • Conduct: Our security officers will always conduct themselves in a high-grade, helpful manner.
  • Courtesy: Our security officers will extend the maximum level of courtesy to your personnel and the people that you serve.
  • Proper Image: We train our security officers to be vigilant, aware, and alert at all times. 
  • Proper Appearance: Our security officers will wear the appropriate uniform during their shift. (You may choose from our uniform selection to confirm which attire would suit your requirements.)
  • Proper Attitude: Our security personnel will always present a positive and professional attitude on the job. We categorize friendliness and convenience as essential traits.