Premier Nationwide Security Services Inc. is a licensed, bonded, and fully insured company located in California. The company founder Mr. Ahmad is an accomplished security leader with honorable experience in serving the counterintelligence field with the Department of Defense (DOD), NSA, United States Army, and the Australian Royal Air force.

Mr. Ahmad possesses two decades of experience throughout the private security sector including the entertainment, construction, healthcare, commercial, and residential realms. Our company founder has worked closely with the community and governmental agencies including LAPD, LASD, CHP, and the United States Secret Service on various endeavors by providing security for executives, famous personalities, and other noteworthy individuals in need of elite protection.

Premier Nationwide Security Services Inc. provides unparalleled, professional security service for a broad range of commercial, entertainment, and residential customers, with a commitment to offering them mental tranquility. We remove the worry from our customers so they can live at peace knowing they are safe and secure with our services. Our company’s biggest advantage over our competitors is that our unique security services are professional, efficient, strategic, and economical. Providing excellent and vigilant service is at the heart of our business.

We Are Experts

With decades of experience, Premier Nationwide Security Services provides what others can only promise. Being unprepared is your biggest liability – let us help your business, institution or organization create a safety and security plan that ensures prevention and protection. Our core values set us apart from our competitors and align us with the goals of our employees and customers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is where we soar. We take tremendous pride in our unmatched service approach and are committed to providing professional and responsive customer assistance, 24/7.

Company Culture

We are passionate about security services and so are the security experts we hire. Premier Nationwide Security Services has proudly created an exciting and rewarding employee culture based on long-term goals, incentive-based compensation, rich benefit programs, and flexible scheduling.

Respect for Others

We respect our customers, employees, and vendors. Premier Nationwide Security Services sincerely values the unique perspectives each person brings to our organization. Our diversity matched with our ability to best match specific employees with unique sites truly sets us apart.


We realize no company is perfect. But as your partner, we will not quit until we have progressed, enhanced your security program, and in turn, improving our service to you.


Each time we place a security officer, we guarantee they have participated in and successfully passed our intensive training program. It is equally important to recognize that we have extensively discussed and understood the distinct expectations of each site. We consistently provide professional and highly ranked security guards to safeguard prestigious, regional businesses.

Partnerships & Opportunities

Premier Nationwide Security Services looks to create long-term partnerships in safety and security. We truly look forward to sharing special moments in the lives of our employees and customers.

The Most Promising People

Our extensive background checks, drug testing, and intuitive interview process ensure the best and brightest people in the security industry are hired. We also offer the most lucrative incentives to attract and retain the finest security guards on our team. Simply put, we realize we have become a notable security agency by having the best employees pioneering the field.

Passion and Determination

We genuinely believe if you are passionate about what you do, this interest becomes a career, not a job. Our employees see your organization through the owner’s eyes, and it shows in their performance and attitude.


Locally owned and operated makes a significant difference in how we do business. Our team is adaptable and skillfully responds to our customers’ needs. Yes, Premier Nationwide Security Services serves many customers throughout Southern California, but we take further pride in making you feel as if you are our only one!


Let’s face it, most people want to work with people they enjoy being around. We are a fun group of people and it reflects in our company culture. It never gets old hearing our employees say, “Premier Nationwide Security Services is the best company I have ever worked for!” and our customers say, “Premier Nationwide Security Services is the best security service provider I have ever had!”

Contact Information

Please contact us now at 888-251-6607 or fill out the contact form to experience the difference in our security methodology!