We Keep The Peace And Order In Your Residential Units Or Property

When it comes to securing residential areas, we at Premier Nationwide Security Services is your leading provider. We offer 24-hour gate guards, dispatch, patrols, and emergency response services. We have the latest in technology and industry insight, as well as the best practices to keep your residential property safe and secure.

We know that it is essential for our personnel to be familiar with both your property and the people who reside there. During their shift, they can conduct a consistent watch or vehicle patrol to safeguard against any illegal activity, such as theft, trespassing, loitering, and vandalism. Also, our security officers will make certain all doors are closed and locked as required and will report any parking, safety, or maintenance problems. They can also respond to emergencies and serve as a liaison between the property they are guarding and the local police.


We conduct vehicle and foot patrols based on your security needs or in random patterns, verified by our GPS-enabled mobile app system which our Patrol Officers randomly check to verify that patrols are being completed as required.

Our team takes a proactive approach in 4 D’s:

  • Deter
    Deterrence comes in the form of training, awareness, barriers, and strong internal controls.
  • Detect
    We can detect any suspicious activities through electronic monitoring systems, such as alarms and closed-circuit television (CCTV), and aware personnel.
  • Delay
    We create delays in criminal activity by setting up barriers, such as locks, security intervention, and most importantly multiple layers of protection, also known as Defense-in-Depth.
  • Deny
    Our security measures and procedures will deny any form of criminal activity or unwanted incidents from happening in your residence or property.

Our Residential Site Officers Can:

  • Strictly maintain their uniform, appearance, and helpful disposition.
  • Enforce property regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Politely and courteously challenge any apparent unauthorized individual.
  • Monitor guest registration.
  • Conduct parking control, issuing, and tracking permits.
  • Verify that all properties removed from the premises have been authorized for removal.
  • Conduct standard access control enforcement for employees, guests, vendors, and deliveries by following the access
  • Control policies and procedures.
  • Serve as liaison and information center between management and the public.
  • Provide customized security solutions with proven best security practices.
  • Create site-specific instructions and standard operating procedures.
  • Conduct comprehensive physical security assessments or risk vulnerability assessments.
  • Conduct safety enforcement and mitigation.
  • Detect and prevent crimes.
  • Facilitate building or gate openings and closings.
  • Monitor GPS tracking of security personnel with real-time incident reporting.
  • Conduct bicycle, golf care, and vehicle patrol.
  • Prepare detailed activity maintenance logs and safety and incident reports.
  • Facilitate parking and traffic enforcement.
  • Eject unwanted persons.
  • Conduct emergency response, evacuations, and/or notifications.
  • Provide timely alerts.

Would you like to know more about our Residential security services in California? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via phone call or online message.