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Consider These Before Arming Your School Staff or Faculty

Consider These Before Arming Your School Staff or Faculty

A number of schools have started implementing “Guardian programs” which arm teachers and other staff members as a precautionary action to any possible attack on the establishment.

Premier Nationwide Security Services, your trusted provider of security guard services in Tarzana, California, is urging schools to consider the following things before resorting to guardian programs.

  • Define your goals and objectives for employing the program

    What is the purpose and what are the measurable results that you aim to achieve in implementing a Guardian program? Will it be more effective compared to employing security services in California?

  • Training and evaluation

    Beyond the initial training, decision-makers must consider the training that must take place throughout the year. Other than that, the criminal background and psychological state of Guardians should be consistently monitored.

  • Equipment cost

    If armed employees are formally expected to “seek and engage” an active shooter, then they should get the standardized equipment to execute their mission profile.

  • Insurance

    Regardless of the type of insurance the campus has, arming teachers and staff poses a major risk to any armed employees and to the school community as a whole. After arming employees, schools may have difficulty obtaining insurance and should expect changes to their annual premiums.

There are many other ways schools can protect their students from harm. For information about our security guard company in San Diego, you may call us here. We would be happy to assist you.

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