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Preventing Workplace Violence with Security Services

Preventing Workplace Violence with Security Services

As a business leader, it is your duty to take care of your employees. You are legally obliged to provide them a safe workplace and you can do this by anticipating potential threats and taking action by hiring quality security guard services in Tarzana, California.

Violence and harassment in the workplace happen almost every day, in one form or another. By ensuring stability in your workplace, you can build and strengthen your company culture, as well as protect your most important asset – your employees.

What are the types of workplace violence?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has identified four types of workplace violence:

  • Type 1: Violent acts by criminals who have no other connection with the workplace, but enter to commit robbery or another crime.
  • Type 2: Violence directed at employees by customers, clients, patients, students, inmates, or any other individual for whom an organization provides services.
  • Type 3: Violence against coworkers, supervisors, or managers by a present or former employee.
  • Type 4: Violence committed in the workplace by someone who doesn’t work there but has a personal relationship with an employee — an abusive spouse or domestic partner.

Security services in California can save you and your employees the trouble of sudden lawsuits caused by this issue.

Contact our security guard company in San Diego, California. Our staff at Premier Nationwide Security Services would be happy to help you out!

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